The journey

Horseback riding, Take an adventure down the beach. Explore waterfalls and caves, see rivers and witness the sunsets in this magical place!

Horse on the beach running

At Selva Resort we work with Adrian from “Ollie’s Adventures”. The horses at Ollie’s Adventures live the best life possible, namely in paradise. To Adrian, it’s of utmost importance that his horses are always happy and healthy.

Ollie’s Adventures owns 26 horses. The horses are on a rotation, they work for one month and then rest for a month. Adrian gives his horses as much freedom as he can. When they are on their rest rotation, he makes sure they are able to roam in huge, lush green pastures or explore through the jungle and on the beaches. When it’s time for them to work again, Adrian treks through the jungle to find them and then brings them to their home pastures. We know you will have an amazing time going horseback riding in the jungle and on the beach with Adrian!


At Selva resort, we also work with Veronica. Veronica is from Hacienda Arío, a working, family-owned ranch that encompasses 1924 ha (almost 5000 acres) on the Pacific coast in the heart of the Nicoya Peninsula. It is a magical place where the Guanacaste saba-Nero culture is still a way of life. Hacienda Arío has been working for over a decade to create a model for sustainable development where rural, healthy living and horses are an integral and complete whole. Share an unforgettable experience riding on a deserted beach and through spectacular natural landscapes of rivers, mountains, and forest accompanied by a local cowboy and a bilingual nature guide. You can go on group tours or take a private one.

They offer different tours:


You can also experience first hand what it is to be a cowboy or “sabanero” on a working cattle ranch. You will participate in a cattle round-up in one of the Nicoya Peninsula’s most spectacular landscapes on a vast working ranch on the pacific coast. Undoubtedly, it will be a memorable life experience.


Magical picnic spots under the trees with spectacular views of the Pacific

Coast, the perfect setting to indulge.


Great tour for nature lovers!

Connect with nature and your senses to discover this region’s biodiversity

and beauty. Keep a lookout for birds, mammals, bats, insects, and trees.

The privately-owned land boasts a rich and diverse wildlife in five different

habitats ranging from marine zones and mangrove swamps to tropical dry

and moist forest, as well as farmland.