Yoga en Santa Teresa

The Nicoya Peninsula is one of the 5 blue zones around the world, which holds the secrets for longevity since it has been shown that people can live more than 100 years. The long beaches of the area and the wide strip of sand bordered by the jungle are the ideal settings for exercising on the sea.

Selva Resort offers private yoga lessons at your own villa. There is nothing like waking up and having a yoga class overlooking the ocean. Santa Teresa beach is the perfect destination to connect with your mind and body, to feel truly relaxed and re-energized. In addition to surfing, the proposal is that you discover the benefits of a balance between mind and body in your daily life. We believe that the practice of yoga is a “liberating” habit, which awakens a different lifestyle and consequently provides us with greater well-being.

Selva Resort te ofrece belleza tropical y naturaleza en un ambiente exótico y acogedor. Aquí te esperan numerosas actividades y aventuras, como surf de clase y clases de yoga de alta calidad. Sumérjite en la belleza natural de Selva Resort. Nuestro personal se encargará de todos los detalles se aseguren de que tus vacaciones sean perfectas.